Gel Nails

Currently there is various ways of nail shaping , but most favourite from those is shaping a gel nails. It's a system of shaping originating from dental medicine patented in 1984 , light curing plastic. This gel contains photo radicals which under the UV light are causing curing of the gel. Nails sticks , looks completely naturally and doesn't damage your natural nails , if they are applied properly with high quality materials. Durability while you add up material regularly ( cca on monthly basis ) is infinite.

To have a well maintained nails is a dream of every woman. Each woman , which always wanted beautiful equal nails with gorgeous ornaments or color , but never had chance to grow them or they broke and was not equal again after that. Gel nails can make your dreams come true.

Gel nails can have various lengths , if the length will be uncomfortable for you we can make them shorter without any problem. With gel nails you will look perfect on the weddings , prom , ball , promotions , but many of the ladies wear gel nails even casually every day. Because nowadays looks matters even at work. No matter if you're working at the bank , at the office or you're sales person at a shop , your hands can be seen by many eyes everyday. And well maintained visual makes your image.

Professionally created gel nails can last several weeks , of course it depends how fast are your natural nails growing , but also depends on type of work you're doing every day. The same way as your natural nails even gel nails can break or fall off. In this case we recommend to visit your manicure professional , who will fix the broken nail. Also outgrown gel nails has to be maintained , which does means new color , new pattern or design , new length. You will be different once again and you can also try out decorative crystals or sparkles. Quality made gel nails would not damage your natural nails , however never tear them down yourself or glue them back on by yourself.

Quality gel nails are long lasting and won't get damaged during the normal chores and are non toxic. That's why choice of a high quality nail studio is important , and we offer this high quality now to you.

Sluzby Gelove