We're certified VIP Shellac nail studio. We use exclusively original CND Shellac™ products.


This revolutionary product cause a huge boom around the world. Unique technology of CND Shellac System combines lightness with a high gloss and long lasting durability throughout few weeks. In addition to these unique properties it features a wide variety of use cases with it's 102 basic color variants and the portfolio is being updated in new collections every year on spring summer autumn and winter.


Advantages of CND Shellac™ system.

-Long lasting color shade during 2-4 weeks

-High gloss during all times

-Color which is durable and sturdy

-Infinite design variability

-Application speed

-Easy and fast removal ( not by grinding )

-Reinforces weak nails

-Doesn't damage the nails


Shellac™ is suitable for all clients , who wants to have gorgeous nails but doesn't have time for proper maintenance. It's created for natural nails while it reinforces weakened and thin nails , and adds elasticity to hard and fragile nails , all done by thin layer of Shellac™.

Shellac™ thanks to chemical compounds with low content of dissolvents and slightly higher viscosity the usage is very comfortable without any annoying smell.Suitable also for clients with higher sensitivity and allergic reactions can wear Shellac™. It's "3free" formula is hypoalergic , doesn't contain formaldehyde , toluen nor phthalates and thanks to this also suitable for pregnant women.

Beware of FAKES!

Every popular product has it's negatives. Thanks to the great success of Shellac™ you can find on the market also cheap fakes. First brands like Shellak or Shelack , which were easily recognised by it's name. ( At least for those who knows CND and ShellacTM ).

Next fakes , very cheap ones , named Blue Sky or Shelac Generic. These products have identical packaging. Silimarity is not only in it's looks but also in the name. But from the quality of ShellacTM it is miles away.

Often we're having situations with our clients comming from other nail studios , where they were offered Shellac and they think they're wearing the original , but we find out it's just ordinary gellak or fake with a color shade ShellacTM doesn't even produce. Then we struggle with removing it. Fakes for sure doesn't have properties like CND Shellac.


Quickly, without grinding and damaging your natural nails can be removed only CND Shellac.