Japanese Manicure P.Shine

Japanese manicure is suitable especially for chipping and fragile nails and while applying it regularly it keeps nails healthy.

If your nails are fragile , cracked , chipped or any other way damaged you should definitely try japanese manicure. It's somewhat of a regeneration treatment for your nails while it keeps them beautiful , shiny and hydrated.

You nails are being stressed daily during heavy duties which you perform but also by illness you're experiencing. If it adds to the lack of a vitamins or dehydration your nails become unhealthy , they will chip and break. Japanese manicure is then for these cases. During the procedure a special glaze is applied which then protect the nail while nourishes it. First the paste is applied which is rubbed into the nail. This paste contains bentonit which is natural mineral which contains lipids and silicon compounds. Thanks to this supports metabolism of a nail root and improves it's quality not only by visual aspect but treats nails within.

Then we apply on the nail a powder which will add elasticity and improve shine. This powder contains paraffin and honey bee wax for protection and glycerin, panthenol, lanoline,silicon, zink and vitamins A E H B5 for regeneration.

After Japanese manicure your nails will be not only nicely maintained but will gets also balanced mixture of nourishment compounds needed for healthy grow and regeneration of your nails. After two days we can apply and remove nail polish without removing the p-shine glaze.